How to get our products

We sell our products on the market place in Joensuu from July until October. We are there every Friday and Saturday. The exact weekend when we start the market season depends on how fast the plants grow. We announce it on the News.

When the thermometer drops below zero, the potatoes wouldn’t survive on the market table. Then we start the home deliveries. We can bring your order to your doorsteps, to your work place or we can agree a meeting place. We don’t charge any extra for the delivery and the prices are the same as at the market.

To Joensuu and Ylämylly we drive every Wednesday between 14-18 in the afternoon.

We prefer having the orders by phone, as it is easiest to agree on the details. You can reach us on 013-648 155 (only calls) and 040-484 03 46 (calls and sms). You can also order by email to Please, write your name, phone number and the address where to deliver with your order and send it by latest two days before the delivery.

You can also find our products in

* Wanhan Kulman Puoti Torikatu 12, Joensuu
* JoenLuomu organic and local food circle in Joensuu
* Makuvankkuri shop on wheels in North Karelia

For group orders, that will be delivered to one place, ask for special prices.