How to get our products

We sell our products on the market place in Joensuu on Saturdays from July until October. The exact date when we start the market season depends on how fast the plants grow. We announce it on the News.

We also deliver preordered products to Joensuu market square, on the side close to Koskikatu. Please place your order by email or by sms 040 484 03 46 by Thursday morning 7 am. Come to pick up your order at the market square on Thursday evening between 18:00-18:30. Payments are possible by cash or card. Every second week this is part of REKO group delivery, every second week we are there on our own.

We can also bring your order to your doorsteps or to your work place at Joensuu and Ylämylly. We deliver every Thursday in the winter season between 14-18 in the afternoon. We don’t charge any extra for the delivery and the prices are the same as at the market, but minimum order for this is 15€.

You can also find our products in
* JoenLuomu organic and local food circle in Joensuu
* Makuvankkuri shop on wheels in North Karelia