Pikkunuppu Organic Farm

Once upon a time, in the 1970’s, a young dutch man travelled for years around the world. On the road he fell in love with countryside life and the country of Finland. In 1985 he found the perfect small farm for him. The farm got name Pikkunuppu, that means a small flower bud. Since then, Pjotr has been a well known character at the Joensuu market. Currently, Niina and Julien run the farm together with Pjotr.

We aim to provide products that are tasty, nutritious and free of chemicals. Working along the organic principles is for us the best way to do it and we are certified organic by the EU standards. We respect our environment as best as we can, so that this would be a good place to live also for the generations after us.

Pikkunuppu is by a small lake and surrounded by forest. The farm is located in the village Vaivio, 20 km from the centre of Joensuu, in Eastern Finland.