Harvest weekends and WWOOF

Every autumn we organize harvest weekends at Pikkunuppu. We harvest the potatoes and carrots and store them in the cellar for over winter. Everybody can join for one day or the whole weekend. You will help us with the harvest and get to spend the day outside with a bunch of other people. We provide you with meals and a relaxing sauna with possibility to swim in the lake in the evening. Small number of people can also stay over night at the farm.

Families with children are also very welcome. We try to organize cars to pick people up from the nearby towns to make sure that people without a car can also participate.

All along the summer season, we also invite volunteers through WWOOF organization (WorldWide Opportunities on Organic Farms). This organization brings together organic farmers around the world and people interested to travel and experience local farm life by helping out at the farm.

On top of all the help on the field, the WWOOFers bring refreshing cultural experiences to our home. For example, everyone staying at the farm takes turns in cooking the dinner, so we get to taste different delicacies during the summer.

We in turn hope that we can share our knowledge on organic agriculture and offer a memorable experience of simple rural life and Finnish traditions. If you would be interested in spending shorter or longer time at our farm, don’t hesitate to contact us.